Health, Safety and Environment Protection

The health and safety of MONTMONTAZA’s personnel, health and safety of client’s employees and their property as well as environmental protection are a matter of corporate utmost care. The company safety procedures define a safety system, which ensures and implements the above-mentioned premises.

The premise that all accidents are preventable is realistic. Every work that may lead to injury or disease, can and will be controlled. We are committed to sending all our employees home at the end of their shift as physically sound as when they arrived.

Safety and security of the property is prerequisite of proper and smooth execution of the works.

Senior line management shall exert sustained leadership in establishing goals and demanding accountability for safety and health performance. All line supervisors must be fully committed to and constantly involved in the injury and illness prevention programs.

Each employee is expected to arrive at work in a proper mental and physical condition to perform the assigned tasks and comply with the established safety programs and procedures. Proper worker attitude, knowledge, attention, and action are very essential to the prevention of injury and disease. Carelessness or disregard of the established safety and health standards and practices will not be tolerated.

Safety assurance standards

MONTMONTAZA has established its own safety assurance standards to eliminate or minimize risks during contract execution.

For each particular contract separate Safety Plan will be prepared to contain:

  • Croatian pertinent safety law and regulations;
  • Client’s safety regulations;
  • Contract execution by the law including provincial, territorial, and/or municipal legislation, laws, by-laws, and/or regulations;
  • MONTMONTAZA’s Safety Assurance System.

People are our most important asset. The pain and suffering felt by the affected employees, due to illness or injury sustained on or off the job, is also felt by the family and company in terms of decreased quality of life or lost productivity and profits. It, therefore, becomes paramount for us to prevent, to the best of our collective abilities, all injuries and illnesses at work and home.

The protection of the environment and the efficient use of its resources have become a key consideration in project design, planning, and execution. The environment is the legacy of the former generation and environment protection is pledged to the next generation, to which MONTMONTAZA is fully committed.