Who We Are

The Montmontaža company was founded in 1950 and is present in both domestic and foreign markets around the world. Montmontaža is synonymous with flawless construction, maintenance, or reconstruction of main gas pipelines, hot water pipelines, refinery plants and is also present in mechanical engineering and civil engineering, gas, and energy distribution in Central and Southeast Europe.

Based in Zagreb, Montmontaža d.d. is the leader of the Montmontaža Group and is also the majority owner of the group of companies, which as an independent contractor and on behalf of their account work worldwide on the construction, maintenance, and reconstruction of industrial plants, buildings, infrastructure, energy installations, and refineries.


The history of Montmontaža begins on the day the company was founded 70 years ago when several smaller assembly and installation companies merged into a state-owned company.

It soon spread throughout the former Yugoslavia, but also abroad, especially in the mid-1960s and 1970s with significant expansion into the markets of Europe (Germany, Norway, the Netherlands), Africa (Tanzania, Algeria, Libya), the former USSR, Cuba, Iraq, Iran and other countries of the world.

Also, related companies were established even in the United States.

The company has changed its structure and name on several occasions, but never quality and professionalism. The business was run under the name Jugomontaža, Juvent, Monting-Montmontaža, and finally came to Montmontaža in 1992, when after political and economic changes and the establishment of the Republic of Croatia, the company was transformed from parastate to 100 % private public property.

Over the last 70 years

Montmontaža has been systematically developing, implementing new technologies, investing in human resources to be recognized today as a reliable and reliable partner in the construction, maintenance, and reconstruction of industrial oil and gas plants, all media pipelines, chemical and petrochemical plants, and steel structures.

Mission and Goals

To be a recognizable partner in the domestic and foreign markets when it comes to the construction, reconstruction, construction and maintenance of main gas pipelines, hot water pipelines, refinery plants and other mechanical works. 

Retain the position of leader in both domestic and foreign markets and achieve a long-term return on invested capital and thus ensure the continuity and independence of the corporation in the future.

Business Activity Premises

In selecting the business activities through which the above objective is to be achieved, the focus is almost entirely on those markets and projects on which the Group’s existing core competencies, i.e. its commercial and technical expertise, and track records, can be brought to bear.

However, in general, the Group companies position themselves in accordance with the prevailing market conditions and focus on the top end of the markets where new technology and innovation are required, in order to limit competition.


Almost all projects pursued by the Group companies are of a nature that requires specific performance criteria with respect to quality, performance, timely execution, etc. established by its customers, including adherence to international standards.

Only technical experience and expertise together with strict adherence to internal procedures, such as those required to obtain ISO 9000 accreditation can limit these risks. MONTMONTAZA’s corporate structural and organizational concept is based on project principle orientation of business activities.